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Tap & Modern



Tap is a percussive style of dance requiring a strong musical ability and sense of rhythm as the feet become an extension of the music. The lessons are based around a structured syllabus which provides children with the opportunity to take exams. Tap is an excellent way for children to develop musicality in a fun and friendly way.  

Modern Theatre 

Modern is a lovely style of dance for children who have bundles of energy and natural musicality. This style teaches travelling step, kicks, leaps and turns and is a highly energetic dance style. Modern is often seen on the stages of Musical Theatre productions. Modern Theatre is expressive, subtle and dynamic, and students are taught to express emotions through movement. The classes are structured around a modern syllabus which provides children the opportunity to take exams. 

We have combined classes of Tap and Modern in our early years classes so students benefit from learning both styles of dance in one fun filled class.

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