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Why do LAMDA?

Classes help learners, whatever their ages or aspirations, to develop a broad range of skills that will serve them throughout life. Across the range, classes develop a learner’s ability to: 

  • Read easily, fluently and with good understanding 

  • Expand vocabulary to improve powers of self-expression 

  • Improve confidence in speaking and listening

  • Memorise and recall information 

  • Research and create persuasive formal presentations 

  • Create and defend arguments 

  • Engage in constructive informal conversation 

  • Work both on his/her own and participate as a member of a team

  • Build confidence 

  • Learn & perform monologues, duologs, group scenes 

  • Improvisation skills 

LAMDA Speech & Drama Classes 

We are proud to be able to offer specialised LAMDA Speech & Drama classes providing children with the tools to become confident with their speech and performance in a relaxed classroom setting. LAMDA is an examinations body which our lessons are based around, however exams are optional to all students. 


What is LAMDA?

London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) is the national body for communication and dramatic qualifications; there are LAMDA centres all over the UK and Articulate is pleased to be approved and registered as a private LAMDA centre. LAMDA’s headquarters is based in London, and it is here that Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Armitage and many leading communicators including politicians, lawyers and leaders trained in communication and the dramatic arts.


The benefits of these LAMDA qualifications are voluminous, but here are our top three reasons to consider taking a LAMDA class:


Confidence - Performing solo is challenging and daunting, but we teach students to be so comfortable in themselves and confident in their abilities, that standing up in front of a crowd, alone, becomes second nature; a skill that will benefit children through to adulthood.


Communication - It is essential that we teach our children to be able to communicate effectively. This means clearly, confidently, with good pronunciation and strong projection. Almost all careers require strong communication skills.

Qualifications - LAMDA examinations offer students formal qualifications in Public Speaking and Drama and will enhance any CV. In fact, the higher grades of the LAMDA syllabus offer students invaluable UCAS points, for those students applying to university or colleges.


Happy children embracing each other and

Classes are offered according to your child’s school year:

Infant – Reception, Y1 Y2 

Junior- Y3, Y4, Y5 Y6

Infant Classes 

Infant classes work on an introductory level towards anyone wishing to take an exam. The class will learn and perform a full vocal warm up, take part in group drama games to build confidence. Each term will be themed to give focus to classes and to encourage imagination. Classes will also include a story bag section where children will go on an interactive adventure with props. A great class for all children who enjoy talking and learning! It also encourages those who are more shy to find their voice and enjoy taking centre stage! 


Junior Classes 

Classes are more structed and will encourage individuals to work on monologues to perform to the rest of the group. Vocal techniques will be introduced through a full vocal warm up and the class will be encouraged to become the character through physical exercises. A warm relaxed a friendly class to help build confidence and challenge those inquisitive minds! 


Individual & Combined private LAMDA Lessons 

We also provide the opportunity to take these lessons on a individual basis, or in a pairs. These classes allow children to work on specific needs, such as speech impediments, stutters, anxieties or nervousness, or children who find group classes too overwhelming to participate. These classes also provide children the opportunity to take acting to a higher level. For individual and paired lessons please contact us for further information & availability. 

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